Baseball season starts with opening day on April 6. And with that, I'm sure you all know what's coming for today's Twisted Tuesday.

Abbott & Costello first performed together in a burlesque show in 1935. Within three years they were on the radio, and within five years, they were signed as supporting characters for One Night in the Tropics where they frequently stole the show with their routines.

"Who's On First?" is their best known and a true comedy classic. It was named by Time Magazine's as the Best Comedy Sketch of the 20th Century. A version of currently plays in Cooperstown's Baseball Hall of Fame. It has been adapted by others such as Johnny Carson (scroll down) and Harry Shearer (Real Player required for audio).

Here is Abbott & Costello from their Film The Naughty Nineties performing "Who's On First?":

If you are interested in different versions of Abbott & Costello's performance, in an "Aristocrats" kind of way, I also recommend the following clips. These are all of Abbott & Costello performing "Who's On First?".

From the Collgate Comedy Hour.

From NBC's Command Performance.

Another "stage skit" version. (Video sync issue.)

Wikipedia's entry of "Who's On First?".



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