Traffic was scary on the way down to Santa Cruz, but we got down there timely enough. Then came the "trying to find a parking lot while getting scooped onto one way streets" portion of the evening. Fortunately, [ profile] brigideire's parking mojo kicked in and we got on street parking a block away from the Casino entrance and only had to put 30 minutes on the meter. And once we got there we managed to find a place where we could see the stage and brigideire was able to sit on a planter. I stood behind her and took some video.

Set list:
Red And Black
Before The Kiss, A Redcap
Burnin' For You
Harvester Of Eyes
Harvest Moon
Black Blade
Don't Fear The Reaper
Hot Rails To Hell

A short show, which was expected since it was free. In the middle of Godzilla, the bass player was introduced as Rudy Sarzo, originally of Quiet Riot (and he played the opening licks to "Bang Your Head"), who later joined Whitesnake ("Slide It In"), and then was invited to play with Ozzy ("Crazy Train" with the crowd shouting "AY! AY! Ay!").

Not only was the show short, but the solos were, too. It was a fun "greatest hits" Readers Digest version of BOC. And I had a great time.
Here is a review/set list for the Blue Oyster Cult concert attended by [ profile] brigideire, [ profile] weirdodragoncat, and myself. This is actually the text of an e-mail that I sent to Hot Rails to Hull, a BOC site that has an astonishing number of set lists. I ran across them earlier in the week, and dropped a line saying I was going to the show. He asked if I could include info about the first group, so I took more notes about them than I might have. I composed this after we got home from the show between 12:30 and 1:00 am, so it my taper off a bit at the end.
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