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( Apr. 12th, 2007 12:30 pm)
The Alchemist

He read a Song
Of a king long gone
Who spoke of love and loss
After his mining
And all his refining
He's left with only dross

He examines this base existence
He pores over books and things he's been told
Where can he find this transformation
To turn himself to gold

He asks ladies fair
If they can compare
What others have done wrong or right
He listens to men
Claim they'll do it again
Please give them just one more night


Is it only confusion
An agreed illusion
That seems to bind the elements
The harder he tries
It seems like more lies
His work makes less and less sense

For a moment I saw what I gave you
Reflected in your eyes and shining so bright
But now you see it for what it was
Gold turned to lead in fading light
No Alchemist I
No Alchemist I


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