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( Dec. 18th, 2007 08:45 am)
I am not crying.
It's the rain, and if they're tears
It's smoke from the fire.

Fire on a Rainy Day Haiku
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( Apr. 12th, 2007 12:30 pm)
The Alchemist

He read a Song
Of a king long gone
Who spoke of love and loss
After his mining
And all his refining
He's left with only dross

He examines this base existence
He pores over books and things he's been told
Where can he find this transformation
To turn himself to gold

He asks ladies fair
If they can compare
What others have done wrong or right
He listens to men
Claim they'll do it again
Please give them just one more night


Is it only confusion
An agreed illusion
That seems to bind the elements
The harder he tries
It seems like more lies
His work makes less and less sense

For a moment I saw what I gave you
Reflected in your eyes and shining so bright
But now you see it for what it was
Gold turned to lead in fading light
No Alchemist I
No Alchemist I
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( Jan. 23rd, 2007 10:18 pm)
Came up with a poetry idea, partly based on stuff going on with me and partly based on a line I read in David Brin's Earth. The first version is closer to the feelings.


If I felt I could have offered you more
I would have stayed
Technology to repair the ozone
And replenish dwindling resources

Now I head out on a long trajectory
Taking as much of the population as I can with me
Hoping you will heal
But even my leaving causes scars

I look back to check
And you still look consumed

I wonder if you see red
And assume Dopler shift
Leaving faster than I am
And straight away from you

I will continue my gentle arc
And watch
And pray
That you don't tear yourself apart

On the way home I was able to do a re-write leaning a little more to the metaphorical side.

Gaia fluctuates
Mankind adds pressure
Pushing this way and that
Breaking holes in her spirit
Taking more than they give
Poisoning her, weakening her

Once in awhile, she pleads for help
She grumbles unsatisfied in the ocean
Nudging waves against comfortable men
Drops heavy tear drops in New Orleans
But we write it off, call it acts of God

So we planned ark ships
Enough to take away two-fifths
Of the population
It takes still more resources
Weakens her more and causes
Little deaths in our souls as well

Finally, we lift away, causing still more scars
And burning up more of her breath
Leaving more chemicals and smoke
Sad to be leaving
But hopeful that she will heal
And perhaps be treated better in the future

As we look back we see her consumed
We wonder if she sees red through smoke
And assumes we are accelerating
Leaving as fast as we can

We will continue our gentle arc
And watch
And pray
That she doesn't tear herself apart
Leaving for good is hard enough
Leaving in futility would be devastating
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( Jun. 4th, 2004 12:50 pm)
Apart from focusing energy toward [ profile] mtfierce and child, I didn't really feel like I could do much. Not being able to talk to someone I cared about during a time of crisis was frustrating. And the various LJ posts were so supportive and caring that the only thing I could have added was "me, too". It wasn't until her post about being able to hold the baby that words finally came to me. Thanks to the four sexy muses who proofread, and gave support and suggestions.

Meera, for you and your baby daughter:

Then came through the storm
A spark to warm and a light
As a halo, fright itself afeared
Medusan faces mirr'red as together
The crew tethers and sets sail
Ignoring the wail of sirens
All conspiring to keep them evermore
Away from healing shores

Time ebbs and flows, states
Are they too late, too early?
But their worry is futile
And brutally abusing themselves
Just private hells. So they turn
And they learn that furies, muses,
All Zeus looses to help them cope
And through their friends give hope.

'Round the world, we wait
Anticipate something in the netting
We're fretting for information
A negation of the doubts
That sprouts in skeptic minds.
Then the blinds are lifted
We are gifted and we smiled
At the news of Gaia's child.

As mother holds baby girl
Thoughts awhirl with delight
At the sight of simple being
Seen and seeing, small, alive
That they survive deserves rejoicing
And voicing cheers, triumphant song
Blessings that strong she'll grow and be
A golden child, Mnemosyne.
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( Aug. 5th, 2003 02:46 pm)

I have been your King.
You bowed to my every wish
And asked what more you could do
To make me feel worshipped.

I have been your Warrior.
Standing guard, taking psychic blows
But lies make for poor armor
So I defected.

I have been your Lover.
Brief periods of intense heat
Seperated by cool looks
Days, weeks, months at a time.

I have been your Fool.
Through it all, a toy to be hidden
When you were ready to play
At being an adult again.


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