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( Apr. 11th, 2007 12:10 am)
Hot Fuzz - a new comedy by the team that brought you Shaun of the Dead

I got to see an advance showing of Hot Fuzz tonight with [profile] brigideire. First, I will try to get away with giving less spoilers than some of the previews and TV spots do. They are trying to show the funniest bits of the film, but there is an actual plot thing going on as well, and it's fun to watch it unfold. So my first advice is to try to avoid the trailers. Second, I know a lot of people are going to compare this to Shaun of the Dead because it's made by the same people, so instead of avoiding that, I'm going to address it directly. If you're thinking "Well, I liked Shaun, but will I really like a cop movie, even as a comedy?" the answer is "Hell yeah!"

This movie is a comedy first, at least as good as Shaun. The movie isn't the visual joke-fest of American films such as Airplane!, but visual humor... er... excuse me... humour is used effectively. The timing is sharp and and the only complaint is the usual one of the audience laughing over the line after a joke. The plot isn't deep, but is enough to sustain the movie's 2 hour running time. Also expect some blood. Um... Actually, expect lots of blood at appropriate places. Not Kill Bill amounts, but enough to add to some shocking murders. ...Which frankly, got some laughs as well as groans from the audience.

Timothy Dalton makes a nice sleazy grocery store owner, and other performances were spot on, too. References to other cop films abound, but they aren't necessary to follow the plot or the humour.

If you hated Shaun of the Dead (and I'm not sure why you'd be reading my LJ if you do, though I suppose it's conceivable), then you can miss this one. Otherwise, get your ass into the theater and prepare to laugh it off.


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