This week's Twisted Tuesday is dedicated to Karen who was one of the first people to ask me if I'd heard of a song based on a vague description of the song and allowing me to answer "Oh, yes. That's (song x) by (group y)." In this case x is Star Trekkin' and group y is The Firm (but not *that* The Firm).

I probably should have saved this for the release of the Star Trek movie this summer, but it looks so different in feel and so non-canon that it's hard to be jazzed about it except for the rush of adrenaline from the action whizzing by on the screen. I'll probably see it anyway and do my best not to have negative expectations. (Or is it too late?)

Anyway, I'm sick and tired. Not of anything, just sick (respiratory infection round 3) and tired (because of being sick and sleeping upright on the couch the last two nights), so I'll leave you with the video and try to be a bit more informative next week. Thanks for tuning in.



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