I'd intended to do a tribute to Walter Cronkite last week, but I couldn't find the main song I wanted as a video *or* streamed music online. The second song I wanted to use is is still streamable at the FuMP, but doesn't have a video.

Then I thought I might do something ComicCon related since I just got back from that. But then I found this on a friend's LJ and thought it was hilarious. I give you the Poetry of Palin:

In trying to find something for this week, I had a choice between something obnoxious and something a bit on the sweet side. So.... Here is a video about pandas to one of the most obnoxious songs I know.See videos... )<input ... ></input><input ... >
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( Jul. 8th, 2009 06:07 pm)
So I missed last week and I've been a slug this week, but here's a late Twisted Tuesday entry:

Recently I found a show called Science in the Movies on the Science Channel. The host, Nar Williams, is almost too geeky, but it's in a look-at-all-this-stuff-isn't-it-neat kind of way. Some of the stuff I already know, but some of it is stuff I might actually be able to use. This coming week's episode, though, just looks like a lot of fun. This week, Nar is taking us to Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

Nearly everyone my age has seen The Muppet Show and at least two or three of the Muppet Movies. And a lot of people my age (and slightly older) have seen the Muppet bits on the first two seasons of SNL. But a co-worker recently told me of a series of local commercials with what I would call Proto-Muppets. The following clips show those commercials in all their black and white glory. Enjoy!

<input ... ></input><input ... >
June 23rd is the birthday of Joss Whedon. While known for dark and generally serious shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse, he has been known to show a sense of humor. In additional the successful Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, he is sometimes caught on camera doing fun things. Here is Joss pretending he's someone dressed up as him.

Also, while it's not very comedic, you can check out the fanvid I made for Serenity.
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( Jun. 16th, 2009 06:59 pm)
It's no secret that songs reflect the times they are written in, from old Vaudeville acts to the 70s Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent to today's economic troubles. But just how far will people go to get what they need? Here's a new video from RunAwayBox.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pay my bills.
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( Jun. 9th, 2009 10:32 pm)
In February of 2008, I attended a concert at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Although I'd seen Jonathan Coulton before, this concert was different. A professional video crew was going to be recording the show and had invited fans to bring their own video equipment to record shots from the show as well. I was there with a borrowed cam-corder and (by virtue of showing up early) front row seats.

Jonathan Coulton is best known for funny geeky songs such as Re: Your Brains, Skullcrusher Mountain, Code Monkey, and his cover of Baby Got Back. However, he also has some very touching songs such as his song about parenting (You Ruined Everything), about seizing life (A Talk With George), and even about the demotion of certain planets (I'm Your Moon).

The DVD/CD set is finally out (and has been for nearly a month), but due to an address issue I got my copy late. However, I have finally seen it and the DVD is nearly as good as the show I remember. So from that DVD, this week's video is the opening song The Future Soon.

To order the DVD, see Jonathan's page at whatarerecords.com.
On May 30th, 1908, Melvin Jerome Blanc was born. Although he worked for 6 decades doing voice work for commercials, he is best known for his work with Warner Bros. creating the voices of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester the Cat, and Pepé LePe, and voicing a number of already established characters such as Elmer Fudd and Porky Pig.
Six volumes of Looney Tunes Collections are currently available on DVD. I grew up watching Looney Tunes as did most of the people before and slightly after my generation. If you know someone who hasn't seen them, point them at www.looneytunes.com. They have a number of the cartoons online for free.Psst! Under here, Doc! )
Mr. Deity is a series of short episodes dealing with God and starting its third season. The first season it had to break out on its own, but it was wonderfully done. By the time season 2 started, they had a contract with Sony to carry the show on Crackle.com. This week I point you to their parody of the Frost/Nixon trailer.

I highly recommend the whole series. Just make sure you watch the episodes in order.
As most of my friends know while I don't consider myself fanatical about anything, the closest I come to it is declaring myself a "Weird Al" Yankovic fan. However, most people who do consider themselves Al Fanatics put me to shame. (I'm looking at you, Tony Goldmark.)
Today's Twisted Tuesday episode is somewhat delayed due to a pain in my side. I'm hoping it's some kind of weird pulled muscle rather that an internal organ deciding that its warranty has expired. Nonetheless, here's a handy song by "Weird Al" that teaches us about the pancreas with some physics thrown in for good measure.

Hope to be back in better shape next week. Eventually there will be more "Weird Al" video, but I'll try not to force them on people too often.
No, no... not Monty Python. These are a couple things that don't really fall in the demented music category. The first clip is an incredible bit of stop motion animation. The music is a little 80's video-game-ish, but it keeps the auditory parts of the brain busy while the eyes stay amazed. Here is wolf and pig:

And hidden safely behind the cut is a group of grown men acting terribly silly. Probably trying to freak out the people who had been smoking too much on April 20th.Read more... )
I promise I won't turn this into some viral marketing channel. But... This video of a song for the PopCap Plants vs. Zombies game is just so cute! The game is being released today, and some people are already hooked.

It reminds me a bit of Magical Trevor, though it's still not as cool a song as Re: Your Brains.

....and.... that's pretty much all I've got this week. If you still have time, feel free to go back to last week's entry and click on some of the links you skipped because I put WAY too many damn links in there. :-)
I have an account here on Dreamwidth now and will probably start posting here. I do plan to crosspost to LiveJournal, so my Twisted Tuesday entries will continue both places.

I will still be reading LJ as often as usual (which was not as often as I used to, but I try to keep current.
25 years ago, a film appeared about a British rock group trying to break into the American scene. With improved acting... wait... improvved... Hrm... that's not really a word, is it? Can we start over? Great. Thanks.

In 1984, This is Spinal Tap hit the theaters, confusing audiences everywhere. This mockumentary featured Harry Shearer, Michael McKean, and Christopher Guest as a British heavy metal band. From getting lost back stage (something Rob Halford later confessed to) to the influence of a girlfriend on the band, the jokes were set up then delivered during improvised (there's the word I was looking for) scenes shot with hand-held cameras.Now what??? )
A band doesn't get more indie than making a song about a serial killer. The Greenskeepers managed to make one that gets lines from The Silence of the Lambs stuck in your head. As if Cartman quoting it wasn't enough.Video under cut. )
Sorry this was late today. Most of my day got rescheduled.
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( Apr. 17th, 2009 11:50 pm)
Just pointing people to a great song on the FuMP that came out this week. One might argue that it's not "funny" as such, but it's very good and has some great irony.

In the late 90s, the Internet was getting very popular. DSL had just come into play and the web was exploding. This meant that nearly anyone could get on the net, including people who shouldn't be there. This led Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie to create a skit which they later animated in 2005.

They also created other computer-related skits.

Of course, nowadays everyone knows the Internet is for porn.
I've been focusing mostly on classics over these first few weeks, but there's some great new stuff out there as well. This week's entry was created last month and I'm including it to help celebrate Obama visiting the homeland of the Beatles. The video itself was created by a fan during the past few weeks.

Robert Lund is a regular contributor to the FuMP. Singing lyrics by written by Spaff Sumsion, the team has produced some very notable songs (notable by me, at least) include Shakesperian Pie and 99 Words for Boobs.

Baseball season starts with opening day on April 6. And with that, I'm sure you all know what's coming for today's Twisted Tuesday.

Abbott & Costello first performed together in a burlesque show in 1935. Within three years they were on the radio, and within five years, they were signed as supporting characters for One Night in the Tropics where they frequently stole the show with their routines.

"Who's On First?" is their best known and a true comedy classic. It was named by Time Magazine's as the Best Comedy Sketch of the 20th Century. A version of currently plays in Cooperstown's Baseball Hall of Fame. It has been adapted by others such as Johnny Carson (scroll down) and Harry Shearer (Real Player required for audio).

Here is Abbott & Costello from their Film The Naughty Nineties performing "Who's On First?":

If you are interested in different versions of Abbott & Costello's performance, in an "Aristocrats" kind of way, I also recommend the following clips. These are all of Abbott & Costello performing "Who's On First?".

From the Collgate Comedy Hour.

From NBC's Command Performance.

Another "stage skit" version. (Video sync issue.)

Wikipedia's entry of "Who's On First?".

This week's Twisted Tuesday is dedicated to Karen who was one of the first people to ask me if I'd heard of a song based on a vague description of the song and allowing me to answer "Oh, yes. That's (song x) by (group y)." In this case x is Star Trekkin' and group y is The Firm (but not *that* The Firm).

I probably should have saved this for the release of the Star Trek movie this summer, but it looks so different in feel and so non-canon that it's hard to be jazzed about it except for the rush of adrenaline from the action whizzing by on the screen. I'll probably see it anyway and do my best not to have negative expectations. (Or is it too late?)

Anyway, I'm sick and tired. Not of anything, just sick (respiratory infection round 3) and tired (because of being sick and sleeping upright on the couch the last two nights), so I'll leave you with the video and try to be a bit more informative next week. Thanks for tuning in.

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( Mar. 17th, 2009 07:31 am)
Tom Lehrer's fame is arguable. Those who have heard of him seem to know a lot about him, and those who haven't (and probably outnumber the former these days) know nothing. ...obviously. However, anyone who has listened to humor and satire long, is bound to have run into his music. The New York Times said of him in 1959 "Mr. Lehrer's muse is not fettered by such inhibiting factors as taste." As with other great comedians, what was once cutting edge can now be considered common place. Some poeple have gone way past what could be considered tasteful these days (not that they aren't still funny).

Lehrer's song "The Irish Ballad" is popular in filk circles and at renaissance faires nationwide. I wasn't able to find a clip showing him singing it (though there are some clips on YouTube showing him perform), and most of the non-Lehrer performances, even by people who have made names for themselves aren't as good as the original. However, I found an individual who lip-syncs a number of songs including a few Lehrer pieces, and he had the good taste to leave in the very humorous introduction. So here I present Ben (RonfarZ3) lip-syncinging Tom Lehrer's "The Irish Ballad" (with intro).

And now that you're all the way down here, I'll suggest that you watch (or at least listen to) the video before clicking any of the other links. My timing is nothing if not late. And as a bonus for reading this far, here is a YouTube Channel dedicated to Tom Lehrer.



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