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([personal profile] aiyume Jul. 11th, 2008 02:48 pm)
From a conversation that [ profile] pixie0fd00m and I were having:

Me: "Do you need a certain kind of calculator?"
Her: "Yes for my geometry/..."
Me: "Geometry slash? What? Like an Escher and Euclid sex story?"
Her: "... geometry/algebra 3 class. You're horrible!" {laughs}


Me: "I wonder what meta slash fiction would be like?"
Her: "I don't know if it's scarier that I think that's funny or that I'm trying to figure it out."
So today, I think I've figured it out...

A story composed of an e-mail exchange between Shatner and Nimoy. Through innuendo and a clash of wills (perhaps about who is more successful (who comes out on top??)) you follow the storyline of a typical physical conflict turning into a D/s sex romp.

Substitute Daniel Radcliffe/Tom Felton where "appropriate".

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